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Community engagement - Kirton Point Children's Centre

We encourage you and your family to actively engage with our centre. We offer a number of programs you can participate in.

All of these services are free.

Circle of security parenting program

(Currently on Hold)

This is a 7-week program for parents. You will learn how to help your child:

  • build better relationships
  • get along with other children
  • turn to their parents when in trouble
  • learn to trust others in their world
  • gain problem-solving skills, or how to cope when they can't solve a problem.


12.30pm to 2.30pm Mondays, depending on community need.

Additional information

A free creche is available for children under school age. Contact us to book into the program and use the creche.

Parent information sessions

If there is a need in our community, we can hold parent information sessions that relate to:

  • baby and child first aid
  • toileting
  • sleeping
  • fussy eating.

Community development

Our community development coordinator works with a range of local services to help make our community child-friendly. They support all families in our community.

Contact us for more information.

Early links

Our early links coordinator supports Aboriginal families in our community programs, including playgroup and parenting information sessions. They build relationships with parents to support positive transition into our education and care programs.

Contact us for more information.