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What we offer - Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten

We offer a number of programs and services to support your child’s early years learning.

Preschool Program


Your child can attend preschool for up to 15 hours per week.

Gum nuts

8.30am to 3.15pm8.30am to 3.15pm8.30am to 2.30pm
term 1 only

Desert peas

                              -                                       -8.30am to 3.15pm8.30am to 3.15pm8.30am to 2.30pm
term 1 only


The parent contribution is $600 per year. See our enrolment and fees page for more information.

What to bring

Children need to bring these items each day:

  • bag
  • hat (kindy logo or sun-smart)
  • change of clothes
  • drink bottle containing water
  • sip and crunch (whole piece of fruit or vegetable for morning tea, nude food only)
  • packed healthy lunch (sandwiches, rice cakes, wraps with savoury fillings, salad, yoghurt, fruit)
  • roll-on sunscreen.

On arrival your child should place their morning tea in one of the labelled baskets, and place their lunch box in the trolley. Your child's water bottle stays in their kindy bag. If it is hot weather, include a freezer block in their lunch box. Please send food that is mostly in the green section of the food and drink spectrum (PDF 339KB). 

Children should wear old clothes with easy fastening so they can get dirty and go to the toilet by themselves. Clothing must be sun-smart and cover children's shoulders. Their shoes should be suitable for running and climbing. We have kindy logo hats for sale, and provide a printing service for families who wish to have pre-purchased clothing printed with the kindy logo.

Please write your child’s name on all their belongings. 

What not to bring

Children should not bring these things:

  • food containing nuts (some children have nut allergies that can be dangerous)
  • unhealthy food or drink (lollies, chocolate, chips, fizzy drinks)
  • toys from home.

Additional information

We will take photos of children throughout the year to record their interests and learning. These photos are important additions to children's learning folders.

A photographer will take a photo of each child and a group photo. You may wish to purchase these photos.

Your child’s birthday is celebrated with a birthday song and plaster celebration cake. As we have a healthy eating focus, please do not send birthday cakes or other sweet treats for children to share.

Please speak with us if your child would like to bring their pet to kindy as part of the learning program. At all other times, pets cannot be brought into kindy.

Stay up to date with your child’s kindy group and join either the desert peas or gum nuts Facebook page. These closed groups are for current parents only.  

Please read our drop-off and pick-up procedure (PDF 42KB).